Monday, March 19, 2018

Easy At Goodbyes

Someone once said. ~It is better to let someone walk away from you than walk all over you. You don't deserve to be a doormat. Let go of those who hurt you, and make room for those who actually deserve you and want to treat you well.~ If you think about it, when a person experiences constant relationship heartbreak it can most definitely get or has come to the point where walking away is considered to be the easy choice. For it's not that difficult of a decision to make knowing how much you've given and a tremendous amount has been literally, as well as figuratively taken from you while living the single life pertaining to the dating scene. Essentially, the unfortunate experiences of bad past relationships can certainly lead or has left one hardened in such a way you as an individual ends up becoming a different person who doesn't care at all.

Without a doubt, to be the type of person who simply shrugs off a break up and has the ability to completely walk away from any personal, mental, along with emotional attachments reveals pain that runs so deep it leave you feeling absolutely nothing. Granted, it may have not been easy in the beginning as you're dealing with the thoughts/feelings/emotions so complex, contradictive, and conflicted it drains you in every sense of the word. In other words, the interior scars can plainly be seen on the surface or just below it by those around you. Yet, as you move on it becomes a lot less complex, contradicting and conflicting to becoming more cynically jaded within your own heart. Essentially, the jaded cynicism is in some way like a metaphorical light switch that's never really been switched off for quite some time because he/she/you didn't see a point in ever switching it back on.

As I said before, the decision to walk away from a relationship isn't a difficult one to make for any individual who is just plain fed up with getting hurt as it pertains to matters of the heart involving love/true love. I think its safe to say its an unfortunate sad state of affairs indeed when you've found/are finding yourself constantly picking up the pieces of your broken heart, so to speak, leading you to reach a moment where walking away is deemed totally normal as if it were considered to be a rapid reflex response. Women, more of than not, know this seemingly all too well as they've emotionally switched themselves off after reaching their quintessential BS limit so much so it leaves them emotionally and mentally constipated. Of course, the same can be said for some guys too who even though share somewhat similar situations they didn't really care all that much to begin with I'm sorry to say.

Let me ask you this question to those who have recently walked away in the past or recently from a incredibly toxic relationship, how long did it take to part ways knowing it was the best decision you've made knowing there's someone out there somewhere who you're far more deserving of? True, for a number of people it took a considerable amount of soul searching and not to mention supportive help from one's best buds/gal pals to leave whereas for others they were gone like a fart in the wind. Hey, you got to have perspective when it comes to your own needs and you have every right to be selfish sometimes in wanting true happiness as long as you don't overly obsess over it. What it primarily comes down to is having an innate inner strength and having the determination in wanting to be happy inside and out instead of tirelessly faking it for some many years on both accounts.

In retrospect, don't ever become a person who checks out of a strong worthwhile relationship because you're actually being treated with respect. A far cry from how you've been usually treated in your past relationships that had you feeling the urge to bail immediately. Why? If I fair to guess its an unfamiliar and uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability not felt in a long time to where the inability to process or even deal with a guy/girl showing the true meaning/qualities of a loving relationship is mind boggling. You see, that feeling shows you actually care. Oftentimes, the knee jerk reaction is to either attack or make fun of him/her for actually being a genuinely, caring guy/girl who is patient and taking the time to allow their/your heavily guarded inner walls to come down. In the end, to my fellow single peeps I hope there comes a point in life where you are easy at goodbyes as you finally say farewell to a past filled with heartbreak and move forward to a future shared with your future best friend for life.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

A Clean Sweep

Paul Gross once said, ~It's not just a rock. It's forty-two pounds of polished granite, with a beveled underbelly and a handle a human being can hold. Okay, so in and of itself it looks like it has no practical purpose, but it's a repository of possibility. And, when it's handled just right, it exacts a kind of poetry - as close to poetry as I ever want to get. The way it moves.... Not once, in everything I've done, have I ever felt the same wonder and humanity as when I'm playing the game of curling.~ Without a doubt, life and the Winter Olympic sport of Curling are in a sense synonymous with each other in such a way it has the propensity to capture your attention in a deeply compelling way. How? Well, we can at times become so transfixed at what's in front of us we'll find ourselves either falling short, being right on the mark, or sliding past one's hopes/goals/dreams we're targeting to achieve.

As said before, life and curling are synonymous with each other because in both areas we all strive to reach intended hopes/goals/dreams only to possibly short, be right on the mark, or slide past what we've been targeting to achieve. Thinking about it further, we all start off at the quintessential "hog line" holding the 42 pounds of polished granite with a beveled underbelly representing the hold and being able to handle our own aspirations in hopes of directing them to where you want them to go. True, it can be an oftentimes tough and frustrating situation indeed to fall short at the shots taken concerning certain aspects of life one presumably has a handle on. However, if you're a true curling competitor of life you go back to the start knowing full well you at least have a 2nd, 3rd, or whatever number of chances to get it done.

If you think about it, when it comes to the path between life and achieving our hopes/dreams/goals it may not always be a smooth slide towards where each one of us want to be. Essentially, that's where our teammates of best buds/gal pals come into play, so to speak, who represent the strong support system in helping/assisting to sweep away the dirt or should I say absolute dirty negativity blocking your way. Hey, it's you're "teammates" who always have your back shouting positive words of encouragement and drowning out the negativity of any haters expecting/waiting for failure to happen. Of course, its what you want in a teammate who genuinely cares an looks out for you. What it primarily comes down to is having the right teammates by your side who'll be there for their "Skip" knowing you'll be there for them no matter what.

Let me ask this question to those who have watched the Winter Olympic sport of curling, do you think it seemingly looks easy enough to try and even go so far as to actually form a team of your own to compete? Granted, even though it may look easy it's deceptively difficult sport to navigate through, which is how life can be like sometimes. I think it's safe to say if you're on the outside looking in you're for the most part there as a spectator of sorts being a witness to an individual(s) life only to find what you're seeing is in fact an unfortunate misconception of what it truly is. You see, unless you're in the proverbial know and right there in the icy trenches with broom in hand sweeping alongside your teammates then you have no earthly idea of the reasons behind wanting to win, in a manner of speaking, those meaningful life points.

In retrospect, the game of curling otherwise known as life is filled with an odd mixture of thrilling drama, quiet suspense, calm intensity of excitement, stress related insanity and not to mention unpredictable fun. Yet, despite that aforementioned odd mixture it's a life that somehow draws people in as a totally compelled spectator and at the same time having absolutely no clue what they're looking at. Anyways, I digress. Balance, focus, patience, knowing when to back off, the determination to keep going, trusting your instincts, taking the wisdom/advice of those around you into consideration, etc. are ultimately considered key factors/strategies in potentially scoring major life points. In the end, I say to you may the icy surface you're playing on be a smooth one void of dirty obstacles and every goal you're sliding towards be a clean sweep.

Monday, March 05, 2018

Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat

Francis Quarles once said, ~Necessity of action takes away the fear of the act and makes bold resolution the favorite of fortune.~ If you think about it, throughout life we're given the opportunity in taking the initiative in stepping up and be bold in hopes of gaining fortune. Granted, it doesn't necessarily refer to the financial aspect of it even though an individual may profit, in a manner of speaking, in taking a risk knowing there may be chance of failing. For its a risky situation indeed in being able to boldly face the fear of the unknown in regards to friendships, career, and not to mention relationships. What it primarily comes down to having a that bold determination in taking the first step in the possibility of potentially forever changing the directional course involving your very own future.

Without a doubt, when it comes to your own group of best buds/gal pals one can most definitely be considered in some ways massing a fortune. Unfortunately, having all that kind of wealth in regards to your inner circle of friends can at times become a considerable headache than an absolute privilege. True, the decision to sever ties with a particular friend or number of friends in order to positively movie forward for sanity sake in order to alleviate the insurmountable negative stress metaphorically weighing down on you is certainly a bold one to even consider, especially the length of said friendship(s). Hey, its a difficult task to undertake for any individual to experience a far less stressful, drama free life whereby profiting from it with some much needed peace of mind as it pertains to the friends each of us deal with.

As said before, life gives us the opportunity to step up and be bold in hopes of gaining fortune. Of course, a sense of fear when boldly seizing your chance and possibly taking your career to the next level wherever it may be going The fear of the professional unknown in either starting a while new career path altogether or seeking a higher level position is truly scar and at the same time exciting. Why? On one hand, you're taking a professional leap of faith not really knowing if it will work out and end up failing completely whereas if you actually succeed in accomplishing what you've been focusing on then it will literally, as well as figuratively pay off immensely. Essentially, its just a matter of using the fear, excite, and every other mixed emotion to your advantage to prove to yourself rather than proving it to others it can be done.

Let me ask this question to those who made or are making bold strides in rebuilding their lives after walking away from a relationship that sorely needs/needed a fresh new start. I think it's safe to say there are a number of those living the single life who have gone/are going through their fresh new start and even though it has been quite difficult to stay positive they're gradually moving on slowly but surely. Oftentimes, the pangs of feeling lonely comes into play causing one to become affected personally, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes spiritually as well. Fortunately, if you have the close support of family and close friends along with focusing on the health/well-being of your children all-the-while making bold steps to improve your way of life then you're rich beyond your years despite the lack of financial stability.

In retrospect, the action to make any or all bold moves in every aspect of life has the propensity to lead to in all intense and purposes a blessed, well rounded life you're richly deserving of. For the most part, those aforementioned bold moves whatever they may be for you won't have instant results right away as it will take tremendous amounts of time and patience to attain the fortune you seek whether it's financial or otherwise. You see, its seemingly easy to start the process, but the hard part is bravely staying the course knowing full well there will be obstacles to stop you. Ultimately, adapt to obstacles so you won't find yourself losing the meaningful fortune you've worked so hard for. In the end, take heed the following 3 word Latin phrase that's translated fortune favors the bold: Fortes Fortuna Adiuvat

Saturday, February 17, 2018

What's The Catch?

Someone once said, ~Once in a lifetime maybe you meet someone who is instantly different from everyone else. Whatever level it might be the two of you belong together. As just friend, or lover, or something entirely different. For some reason, you just work. What is it called? Not coincidence. Not sheer luck. I don't know what I believe in. Fate sounds too good to be true. Whatever it is, it makes me believe in something.~ Without a doubt, every person has heard or said the expression "if it looks too good to be true it probably is" and in this particular case it can most definitely involve a guy/girl in regards to love/true love. For its a suspicious mindset indeed to inhabit when meeting someone new after experiencing disappointments pertaining to past potential and/or significant relationships.

As said before, the expression "if it looks too good to be true it probably is" has been heard or said at one point or another, especially when it involves a guy/girl in regards to love/true love. I think its safe to say every person finds or has found himself/herself mentally questioning what could possibly be wrong with someone they're interested in/dating who by all accounts is deemed boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife material. Yet, he/she has been living the bachelor/bachelorette life for quite some time. True, one can certainly have a nagging feeling to the point of being absolutely suspicious at what he/she could be personally, mentally, emotionally, physically, and/or spiritually hiding.

If you think about it, to have the too good to be true mentality has the propensity to constantly dig for anything to be suspicious of even though there may not be any evidence/proof to the contrary. Unfortunately, it can become a persistent nagging feeling as previously mentioned that's so unrelenting it has the ability to negatively affect how and what an individual thinks/feels/views pertaining to a potentially hopeful worthwhile relationship. Essentially, its a type of mental and emotional self sabotage of nitpicking something seemingly insignificant or totally irrelevant and turning it into a much bigger issue knowing full well there's none at all to deal with.

Let me ask this question to those who have encountered in the past or are encountering now a "too good to be true" guy/girl, what questions weighed/are weighing on your mind on whether he/she was/is genuinely the real deal? Thinking about it further, those aforementioned questions could be as such: Why has he/she been single for so long? How many exes does he/she have? Is he/she not over an ex? Does he/she have a great relationship with their mom/dad/parents? If not, what sort of issues is he/she dealing with? Is he/she relationship material? Of course, the inquiring minds of the vast majority of women than men want those questions to be answered and so much more.

Someone said~ It's sad how I just wait for the best things in my life to end cause good things never last for me...and this is almost too good to be true.~ In retrospect, experiencing consistent heartbreak can leave someone jaded to where there's no meaningful value in the word trust anymore and replaced it with a highly suspicious mentality. What it primarily comes down to is being able to meet a guy/girl unlike any other who somehow has the innate ability to forever break that suspicious mindset whereby giving trust back its meaning and value. In the end, I say to those who are hoping and maybe even have met that person may your first thought not be the following three words: what's the catch?

Friday, February 09, 2018

Chaos Heart Theory

Jonathan Carroll once said, ~Real love is always chaotic. You lose control; you lose perspective. You lose the ability to protect yourself. The greater the love, the greater the chaos.~ Let me ask you this question in regards to matters of the heart, do you think there are seemingly random events that will unknowingly lead you to that certain someone in a serendipitous sort of way? For it's a thought provoking situation indeed as the chaos of bad past relationships are ultimately a much larger interwoven scheme that my be utterly confusing and frustrating at first; but they eventually become considerably clearer once you finally see what or should I say who is standing in front of you.

Without a doubt, there is potentially an inherent unpredictability involving love/true as it pertains to a certain guy/girl who is considered to be the proverbial chaos who may or may not be known or vice versa. Thinking about it further, its the chaos of the absolute unknown where it feels as if there is a tornado of thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions creating havoc internally so much so, it gets uncontrollable to where it sweeps you up and swallows you whole, in a manner of speaking. However, its that same chaotic individual who also has the innate ability to be the quintessential calming peace to the personal, mental, and emotional pandemonium you've been experiencing for quite some time.

As said before, there is potentially an inherent unpredictability involving love/true as it pertains to a certain guy/girl who is considered to be the proverbial chaos who may or may not be known. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of risk involved when meeting someone you're truly interested in/drawn to and for the most part you want to instinctively put all your effort in words, as well as your actions into something positive in hopes the odds turns out positive in your favor. Unfortunately, that's not always the case as a person will in all intense and purpose never be seen again after being swept up in the chaotic tornado of their thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions whereby having no way of finding a way out it.

If you think about it, the chaotic tornado representing true happiness has the capacity to provide a sense of strength you can undeniably hold on to and all you have to is let go. True, there may be unrelenting fear, anxiety, doubt, disappointment etc. of letting go and allowing yourself to become vulnerable in being swept up in the emotional/mental vortex not knowing somewhere within the swirling chaos someone's hand is positively reaching out for you to take it. Essentially, its a hand that represents and signifies trust, faith, honesty, hope, respect, patience, safety, understanding, commitment, communication, stability, etc. So, the question remains will you reach out and take it?

In retrospect, the chaotic tornado that is potentially a strong, worthwhile relationship is like trying to solve an extremely long and difficult equation. Granted, it may work out for the best or you end up going to the metaphorical drawing board of the heart. In any case, despite the simplistic nature of it all you don't want to have that utterly complex chaos rule over you. What it primarily comes down to is being able to some way have control of the chaos and know where it's taking you. In the end, the equation otherwise known as the chaos heart theory is continuously being worked on for those living the single life like myself and hopefully each of us will be able to solve it someday.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Simply Perfect

Ed Sheeran once said, ~Your partner should be your best friend. You feel like you want to spend every single day with them and you always have something you can talk to them about.~ Without a doubt, its considerably rare these days to find/meet who will be considered your forever best friend. For its a type of forever best friend who you have the ability to in one's own unique way to perfectly communicate with each other verbally and nonverbally. Thinking about it further, it's a connection that is so deeply genuine personally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and not to mention emotionally you can hardly believe he/she is real. However, when that realization finally sets in you smile knowing the guy/girl in question is someone who you've been truly waiting for has come true.

Let me ask this question to those in a potential and/or significant relationship, did you meet when you were childhood kids or later in life as a hopefully mature adult. Oftentimes, having two people who have been best friends since they were kids supposedly makes for a strong worthwhile relationship. Why? I think its safe to say a couple who have known each other since they were kids have more inside knowledge in regards to possible inside jokes, their hopes, dreams, shared family life/school experiences, and whatever the case may be while growing up together. On the other hand, the case can be said for those who've met/found each other after going through past relationship experiences whether they were bad or good whereby giving personal life lessons of love/true love. Hey, some people just click instantly while others just take time.

As I said before, you want a type of forever best friend who have the ability to in one own unique way to perfectly communicate with each other verbally and nonverbally. Of course, being able to show love without any words spoken can speak volumes with one's proverbial partner in crime. True, the eyes are said to be the windows to the soul and certainly have a way of to say so much without saying a single word when it involves matters of the heart. Yet, at the same time, a simple touch in a Sasuke touching Sakura's forehead from the popular Japanese anime Naruto has the innate propensity to affect any person in such a way your heart skips a bit, leaves you breathless, time stops, and/or all three combined. In any case, it's not always what you say in showing how much you love someone as its also how it can be said too.

If you think about it, having a guy/girl willingly hold your heart in their hands shows utmost trust. A trust in which that certain someone's heart is deemed the most valued and priceless possession any individual one can ever hope to. as well as lucky enough to own, in a manner of speaking. In a sense, its like being given the most special gift shared between one person to another you absolutely don't want to break, play with, and/or break for that matter. Essentially, it's a feeling you never want to go/fade away and if compared to it would certainly feel like walking barefoot in the grass, listening to a favorite song that defines the two of you, softly whispering underneath one's breath so much so it causes the back of their/your neck to stand, etc. For the question can be asked how many can say they've experienced this in the past or are experiencing it right now?

In retrospect, when it comes to the potential for true happiness you can either dive right in with someone who may/may not be your better half or keep yourself emotionally distant from experiencing something totally amazing. Fortunately, there are a number of people who taken the lead of successful leaps of faith and now are with their better half while others are keeping themselves from feeling the pain of getting hurt again. In some ways, whether you're diving in or keeping yourself emotionally distant it's like dancing in the dark and trying to blindly find then match the exact rhythm as him/her. Ultimately, we all want to find/share a literal and figurative home within someone heart who will be able to house, so to speak, more than just our own well kept/hidden secrets. In the end, when everything clicks whether you've know each other forever or for just certain amount of time it can feel simply perfect, which is song by 4 time Grammy winner Ed Sheeran that best represents this thought.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

I Let You Go (Last Yodaism of 2017)

Mareez Reyes once said, ~One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether its guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.~ If you think about it, when it comes to the turning over of a new year once again it's in a sense like a regeneration of sorts and each one of us is The Doctor. Essentially, every year we're given the opportunity to regenerate into a whole new person, so to speak, to the point where sticking to a resolution for the new year is considered to be a battle within itself we either face head on or struggle with entirely so much so you run away. For it can certainly be a tough and furstrating situation indeed at the very start knowing you'll be tested mentally, emotionally, physically, and not to mention spiritually as well.

As I said before, every year we're given the opportunity to regenerate into a while new person, so to speak, to the point where sticking to a resolution is considered to be a battle within itself we either face head on or struggle entirely so much so you run away. True, it can be quite difficult to stay focused in wanting to achieve set goals for yourself knowing there are countless Dalek-like distractions that could in all intense and purposes exterminate one's own journey into trying to become a far better person. Of course, it's a continuous journey year after year in which a person reflects back sometimes not by choice on the many faces of the past you can either fondly smile back on or shed tears of sadness. What is primarily comes down to is having the determination to see it through or run away because of how so overwhelming it is.

Without a doubt, it's during one year to year journey in their own etaphorical TARDIS in which it's much bigger on the inside regarding the deep vastness of your thoughts, feeling, and/or emotions. Thinking about it further deep emotions such as anger, confusion, betrayal, bitterness, utter heartbreak, etc. are remnants of a past self that may still remain underneath the surface and haven't really let have let go as certain mental, emotional, and physical memories are a unwanted haunting reminder that continue to resonate like a nightmare you so desperately want to wake up from. Unfortunately, its a sad state of affairs when the pain is so humanly unbearable you want to shout out with angered tears for everybody to hear in somewhat similar fashion of the 11 Doctor in a memorable scene of the episode Rings Akhaten.

Let me ask this question as it pertains to the bed buds/gal pals or should I say companions you've in a sense traveled across the universe with over the years? Are they still companions of yours or did you end up making the difficult decision to part way with him/her/them? Here another question. do you still remember their names and faces? You see, life and truly worthwhile friends are a rarity to hold on to whereby no matter how long you haven't seen/talked/interacted with each other falling into the same old fun filled, mischievous routine is easy. However, what's never really easy is making the decision to part ways with friends for the betterment of your own mental and emotional sanity like encountering a Weeping Angel and with an eventual blink of an eye they're gone for from your life never to heard or seen from again.

In retrospect, 2018 provides everybody the chance to push the quintessential reset button and experience a whole new set of unknown adventures lying in wait for each one us. Granted, whether it involves the same companions you've been traveling with for years or much different ones it will be considerably interesting to say the least. Fortunately, for some people they have a fantastic outlook to the new year with a 9th Doctor like vigor while others feel it's not getting here fast enough so much so you would gladly have your mind wiped like Donna by the 10th doctor in the episode Journey's End. Ultimately, this year has been a journey of more highs than lows and vice versa as its just a matter of perspective involving our own personal journey of life. In the end, I think each of us can unanimously agree and say to 2017 it's been a pleasure but now I let you go