Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Up For The Challenge

Dr. Steve Maraboli once said, ~Rise to the challenge of bring your dreams to life! Do not be discouraged by resistance; be nourished by it. Success is the experience of rising to the level of your true greatness.~ Let me ask you this question, have many of life's challenges have you been able to not only achieve, but continue to personally/professionally strive for in hopes of being able to accomplish what you've set your mind to in the present, as well as for the near future. For its a thought provoking and not to mention intriguing situation indeed in the type of person you truly are even though you may not see it in yourself.

Without a doubt, to find the challenge in regards to one's own creative side shows there isn't a limit to your imagination. In other words, what you think up in your mind turns to a potential planning stage inevitably ends up becoming a reality. What it primarily comes to mind is cosplay and showing how much of fan you are when it involves a particular television and/or movie fandom, such as Star Wars. Hey, it part of who you are and there is no denying that whatsoever. Of course, the process of thinking up who to be and then putting the costume together can at times be tediously difficult; but the quintessential payoff is absolutely worth it when you're asked to have a picture taken with you or vice versa.

As I said before, cosplay is primarily part of who you are and it's certainly rings true concerning your overall identity. True, you're a Star Wars fan due in part to being introduced by your parents to what I believe is the greatest franchise to ever be a part of or associated with for that matter. For the most part, it in all intense and purposes set the tone for daily life, especially when it involves everything from trivia, referencing quotes and/or collecting memorabilia i.e. POPS Maz Katana you've patiently waited for to finally arrive. In addition, it also includes being passionate about the love you have for Disney so much so your inner fangirl completely took over to the point where it nearly incited a public incident involving young children over a well beloved frozen character.

If you think it, every person has faced or is facing challenges in life, especially when it pertains to matters of the heart. I think it's safe to say when it comes to the dating/relationship department you've put yourself on hiatus and mainly focusing living life with a mixture of your best buds/gal pals by your side. Thinking about it further, you've mentioned in brief conversation that boredom can set in during a date signifying there is a lack of being able to be challenged. When I say challenged, I mean meeting a guy who has the innate ability to not just get your attention, but continually keep it to where genuine interest grows on your part. Let me tell you something, you'll meet that guy who will accept the challenge whoever he may be.

In retrospect, there is more than meets the eye in a non Transformers way if you take a step back and get the overall picture instead of what's on the surface pertaining to one Lauren Parisi. Granted, I don't necessarily know you on a deeply personal basis and haven't met you in person. However, within a 7 month period I can say you value friendship, you're a kickass trivia host, an adventurer when it comes to hunting Pokemon, a parent to a feline named Leia, a lover of red wine I believe or wine in general, etc. Ultimately, there is a considerably vast knowledge that has yet to be unlocked so much so that if one delves considerably deeper you'll might be surprised in what is found. In the end, you have the driving ambition along with the determination to tackle each day and be up for the challenge of whatever or whoever life brings your way.

Monday, August 01, 2016


Saor Alba once said, ~Something stirs within me when I hear the bagpipes play. They reach down deep inside my heart whether close or far away. As I stand and listen something happens deep inside. Their music flows into my soul and fills my heart with pride. But something else is happening. Something you cannot see. For heart begins to wander and longs once more to be free.~ Without a doubt, a sense of restlessness stirs within that represents the struggle between calm and chaos. For its a type of struggle where the seemingly haunting burdens of the heart, soul, and mind are clutched tightly by the claws of a beastly past, so to speak. Essentially, its the yearning to be anywhere but where you are sounds off like a faint beating drum growing increasingly louder so much so it shakes the very core of who you are.

If you think about it, every man has the heart, soul, and mind of a warrior...a Scottish warrior in this particular case. There is a fiery passion both seen and unseen where the bagpipes that quintessentially play the melodies of songs of your life are either positively up or negatively down depending on how the wind blows. Yet, it doesn't hurt raising up a pint or two or three that help blur returning memories whereby greatly numbing a beastly past full of mixed emotions swiping it's ravenous claws with absolute viciousness. Of course, like any true Scottish warrior you pick yourself up despite all the wounds suffered and continue to keep fighting in every sense of the word with hardened determination knowing there is a song being played somewhere out in the distance to the point where the call is heeded to travel far and wide.

As said before, the yearning to be anywhere but where you are sounds off like a faint beating drum growing increasingly louder so much so it shakes the very core of who are. Thinking about it further, it's that same faint sound of the beating drum growing increasingly louder shaking the very core of who you are and what has been shaking is deafening change. I think it's safe to say change is something you've been wanting for quite some time and the chance to carpe diem by seizing change personally, emotionally, mentally, and maybe even spiritually. Granted, the chance to truly exhale and be given a sense of much relief miles away from a place that holds so many memories to places that you'll be able to breathe in to where new memories are made is a change one would gladly take, whether it's merely temporary or a change for the better.

Oftentimes, despite all the painful wounds suffered a Scotsman keeps fighting in every sense of the word with hardened determination knowing there is a song being played somewhere out in the distance to the point where the call us heeded to travel far and wide. True, it's most definitely a much needed call to heed indeed in order to listen, in a manner of speaking, to new melodies and not to mention explore new destinations to where it gives one the opportunity to broaden their horizons. Horizons never before seen, as well as experiences giving new found insight as to witnessing firsthand a whole new atmosphere one has possibly only dreamed about. You see, by broadening one's own horizons you inevitably get the chance to meet in person online strangers who have now become lifelong friends, which a personal worthwhile goal that will certainly be achieved.

In retrospect, the bagpipes are playing a melody whole new set of songs for the warrior Scotsman. A song in which a man chooses to live rather than die in the metaphorical sense. The choice to live to the fullest is a choice you won't regret and don't waste any second of it. You've taken the opportunity to make what was seemingly nothing and ended up turning into something that truly has meaning. Fortunately, the opportunity to hopefully no longer be in a sense a slave to the past breaking away from the chains of what has been holding you down in some way, shape, and/or form. In the end Patrick Gilday, when that day comes to in all intense and purposes spread your wings to fly I dare say you'll have all the freedom to do whatever you want as you take the initial step forward facing a whole new world whatever it may be with unwavering courage.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Mark Twain once said, ~20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bow line. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade wins in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.~ Without a doubt, you never really think how far you've come in regards to pushing yourself mentally, especially when it involves something that was randomly created 20 years ago. For its truly an amazing and humbling thought indeed concerning the longevity of something that was practically non existent back in the day only to become a considerably source of personal knowledge and not to mention a quintessential part of one's semi-daily life. Essentially, it's considered to be a sanctuary of sorts that best represents my own version of Superman's Fortress of Solitude.

As I said before, the ever growing source of personal knowledge attained over a 20 year period storied within the sanctuary that I refer as the inner sanctum represents my own version of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Thinking about it further, its a metaphorical placed where there are countless chamber doors and behind each one of them are the individual thoughts or should I say yodaisms located inside. It's when I want to reflect back, as well as reminisce on any particular thought I in all intense and purposes stand in front a specific door, so to speak, inevitably opening a part of a possibly meaningful past at the time. A written past containing a plethora of mixed emotions that started in the very beginning with the thought of absolute uncertainty from a 19 year old kid about to graduate high school.

Oftentimes, when I've entered my online sanctuary to look back on all that I written in the past 20 years I'm not disappointed or utterly embarrassed at what's been posted because like I mentioned before it's part of my past. As a matter of fact, it's a mental timeline of how far I've come to the point where there is a possibility of reaching a point where there's nothing left to say because my mind is all tapped out. However, there's always going to something said by someone or read somewhere that will be that initial spark setting off something for me to write then posted for those who are interested to read. In any case, all the thoughts that have been accumulated whether they were good, bad, and everything in between were all coming from a place where I've taken a step back in order to keenly observe, as well as comprehend life, love, and certainly relationships in my own weirdly, unique way.

If you think about it, being able to document your thoughts in such a public forum for 20 years and counting gives a person like myself the opportunity to have people share their own personal stories involving a particular yodaism posted. I think its safe to say that for quite a number of people they deem it a place where he or she can freely visit reading their personal favorites according to a certain few I know who said they've visited it many times. Why? The answer varies but the one main reason is the simple fact that I have a way of making people think in a such a way it causes a person to want to read it over for a more clear understanding of it all. A perfect example would the yodaism "Art Of Love" comparing matters of the hear to a martial arts tournament, which if you curious I encourage you to check it out and give it a read.

In retrospect, the inner sanctum has, is and will always be a real place that has considerable meaning when it comes to bearing my own heart, mind, and/or soul. True, it may not be well-known or in fact even popular; but worth of mouth has spread about it to where it has sort of a Field Of Dreams if you build it they will come type following. Of course, it will still be online when I'm no longer living this earthly existence because after all it is the internet where nothing ever truly dies. Granted, it may even be forgotten but for a period of time it was relevant to me as it became my sounding board/soap box to express what's been weighing on my mind. In the end, every person hopes to achieve a legacy they can proudly look back on and 20 years from now I hope I still have something to put behind another chamber door because as far as I'm concerned I still have more to say.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Free Your Heart

The Oracle from the 1st Matrix movie once said, ~I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. Being the one is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you're in love; you just know it, through and through.~ Without a doubt, matters of the heart and the main character Neo in the sci fi blockbuster movie The Matrix are most definitely synonymous with each other. How? Essentially, the unknown, hidden potential held within both that once it's unleashed an absolutely extraordinary, unexplainable power is never felt ever before unlike any other so much so one word can best be expressed...whoa. For it can certainly be a struggle and not to mention a bewildering situation indeed in trying to figure it out all-the-while tapping into your own thought, feelings, and/or emotions. For it's a type of unexplainable power in which you can/will find yourself making a life altering choice.

As I said before, a life altering choice can/will be made pertaining to one's own heart in the sort of way Morpheous gave Neo the following two choices: take the blue pill or red pill. Of course, the blue pull represented the end of what could have been whereas the red pill represented the chance to see how far the rabbit hole goes. In other words, there comes a point in every person's life where someone you meet who is so uniquely intriguing you'll take the red pill to knowingly or unknowingly experience an oftentimes painfully harsh, mind bending reality of epic proportions. Thinking about it further, the deeper you go into the proverbial rabbit hole representing your own heart the likelihood you'll metaphorically come face to face with the frustrating/annoying version of the dark shaded, black suited, ear piece wearing Agents in the form of our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

If you think about it, when it comes to encountering and inevitably battling are thoughts, feelings, and emotions known as The Agents it's not as easy as it looks by any means whatsoever. In a sense, we can find ourselves dodging bullets in Neo like fashion to avoid getting hurt but that's not always the case. Truth be told, it's considerably difficult at times in finding any type of a winning strategy battling against a ruthless adversary who somehow comes at you in every direction ala countless Agent Smiths against Neo in the 2nd movie Reloaded. Hey, we've all been or are currently in a situation where the overwhelming sense of what we're thinking and/or feeling can at times be as if they're piling on top of you one after another to the point where it's hard to breathe. What it primarily comes down to is having the mindset that even though you may lose the battle in the form of rejection, the war of inner mental and emotional turmoil for true happiness still wages on.

Let me ask this question to those who have watched the 3rd installment Matrix Revolutions, what happens to Neo when he and Trinity head to Machine City? The answer is Neo's sight was taken away from him by Smith who has assimilated himself into the body of Bane. You see, from that point on Neo relies on his other sight perceiving the world in golden light to where he ends up saving the day but sacrifices himself in the process. I think it's safe to say when we're unable to see clearly in every sense of the word because of being in all intense and purposes attacked by our thoughts, feelings, and emotions we blind fold ourselves or should I say simply close our eyes whereby shutting out the seemingly chaotic world around us in order to get a much better perspective. Fortunately, no self sacrifice needed. Ultimately, by doing that you're given a far better calming, appreciation to where you let yourself focus and see a world, in a manner of speaking, in form of a guy/girl who saves the day making the darkness and gloom completely go away around you by brightly shining forth their golden positivity. This goes both way.

In retrospect, I'm personally plugged into The Matrix that is otherwise known as living the single life with a care free mentality. A care free mentality that is able to stretch far beyond than I am capable of ever imagining for myself. True, I make the rules of my own reality and in a way bend them to my own unique and incredibly weird way and so far I'm have an awesome time. Now, until I meet my reason to unplug from the Matrix and take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes in the form of not only my heart, but that certain special someone in question's heart also I've swallowed the blue pill for now. In the end, to those who are presently in a blue pill/red pill situation and just want to free your heart by taking the red pill now because you want to fall in love; I say be patient with all that is in your heart because as it's been said before timing is everything and when it's time you'll know it as love/true love is so worth waiting for.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Marshall Oxentine once said, ~Love is a deserted island with only water with a shark in it. You can be scared, but if you don't try you're going to die anyways.~ If you think about it, when it comes to matters of the heart in regards to figuring out your feelings for a certain guy or girl it can most definitely feel as if you're metaphorically stuck on a deserted island. For it can certainly be frustrating and not to mention a maddening situation indeed to the point of absolute insanity in wanting to get off one's own self imposed emotional/mental exile in a castaway like sort of mentality. Of course, what is primarily stopping you from leaving the island, in a manner of speaking, is a shark that represent a number of reasons/excuses hindering one from being able to potentially swim bravely past the dangerous apex predator infested barrier towards true happiness.

Without a doubt, the deserted island otherwise known as the single life can oftentimes be at times a lonely existence. The deserted island that presently was once inhabitable by one's own best buds/gal pals, who are representation of the human version of the volleyball Wilson, has gradually dwindled down. You see, as time passed the island filled those living the single life found themselves in all intense and purposes off the island enjoying the freedom of a significantly strong, worthwhile relationship. Granted, even though they may no longer be on the island there is still constant communication nonetheless making the loneliness a little less strenuous to bear. Thinking about it further, for those of us standing on the shore of uncertainty like myself we're looking out with determined hope at the opportunity of some day happily experiencing the vast beauty of love/true love.

As I said before, what is primarily stopping you from leaving the island is a shark that represents a number of reasons/excuses hindering one from being able to potentially swim bravely past the dangerous apex predator infested barrier towards true happiness. Doubt, fear of rejection, anger, lack of self worth, he/she is out of my league mentality, etc. are just a number of reasons/excuses that are a representation of the shark that has the ability to rip to shreds, so to speak, all the sheer determination and focus you have in wanting to pursue a relationship with someone you're potentially interested in. I think its safe to say there are quite a few individuals still standing on their own personal deserted island shore because of past shark bite scars of utter heartbreak left on their heart to where they just don't want to face what they know full well will cause their mental, as well as emotional death.

Let me ask this question to those who have been on their own personal deserted island for quite some time, is there someone in sight or somewhere out in the distance causing you to want to bravely risk fighting and ultimately swimming past the shark of your own thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions? True, there comes a point where in the midst of the voice in your head, figuring out your feelings, and dealing with so many mixed emotions you just have to go for it with every fiber of your being. Oftentimes, risking it all to fall in love is the considered to be not only the bravest thing any one person can do, but it's also the most foolish as well when you know it may not end well for you. However, you do it anyway for the simple fact that you don't want to end up stuck being alone for the rest of your life on your own deserted island and all it took was the initiative to move forward knowing how truly scared you are.

In retrospect, spending time alone is actually a good thing as it gives you time to think and figure out who you really are. For the most part, you don't want to be the type of person who is absolutely desperate in wanting/finding love so much so you're in a significant relationship with the first person who "rescues" you. Essentially, play it smart like Tom Hanks did in the movie Castaway by using the deserted island itself, its surrounding, and the weather to his advantage. In other words, use the time you have by yourself to your fullest advantage and have fun living it until that very moment arrives then go for it. In the end, don't ever allow yourself to be stranded on the deserted island of your very own heart because you never know when an opportunity in the distance is seen that you find yourself bravely risking and fighting past a shark for a chance at spending a lifetime with your future best friend.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Comfort Zone

Susannah York once said, ~A relationship is lovely if you're happily comfortable in it and you really like the person. I can think of nothing better. But there's nothing worse than having a relationship in which you feel no interest.~ Without a doubt, to be in a type of loving, caring, worthwhile relationship is something every single person is striving for to have some day including myself. For it's a type of relationship in which you feel a sense of ease not only within yourself, but within the guy/girl as well. Yet, experiencing that sense of comfortable ease in a relationship can most definitely lead one, the other, or both to be too comfortable to the point where the challenge of wanting to find out more surprising and interesting things about each other gradually fades away.

Let me ask this question to those who have been in a potential and/or significant relationship, has there been at any point where you felt absolutely comfortable but unfortunately the interest was subsequently lost causing you to become bored? Thinking about it further, the possible reason of the gradual disinterest leading to utter boredom is the lack of being challenged personally and mentally. Women, more so than men are far more interested when they've been positively stimulated in more of a personal and mental sense. In other words, being able to grab her attention in such a way where the guy is able to successfully lock/hold on to it like a tractor beam in hopes of continually keeping it, which is considered to be a difficult take indeed depending on the female in question.

If you think about it, when newfound relationships are forged there is a certain grace period where not revealing how abnormally weird you are is one of those unwritten dating rules to adhere to. True, once the relationship has further progressed the wall of abnormal weirdness comes down revealing the truly unique side of yourself in a releasing the kraken kind of the way. Of course, having a guy/girl who is also abnormally weird as you are can be like winning the lottery so much so you feel you're rich beyond belief, so to speak in regards to true happiness. However, the wealth of an abnormally weird relationship never runs out only if both individuals try their very best to keep each smiling and laughing. Essentially, it's being able to think outside the proverbial relationship box that makes it such an interesting challenge.

For the question can be ask to you ladies, how long does it take for you to be truly interested in a guy before you make the decision to either part ways or continue on? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? Oftentimes, the mark of a truly great a guy is when he isn't satisfied in just wanting to be comfortable after establishing a relationship. You see ladies, what he wants is to show he's making a conscious effort to get to know you on a deeply personal level showing that you're more than just a physical relationship to him, which would make any woman feel special. Granted, we may embarrassingly fail at it every now and then but at least we made the effort to try. What it primarily comes down to is constantly doing the homework, in a manner speaking, because there's always something new, interesting, and/or surprising to learn if you pay close attention.

Someone said, ~Never get comfortable in a relationship that you forget you can be replaced.~ In retrospect, there is always going to be an incentive of not wanting to lose someone you can potentially take for granted of after working so hard to establish such a strong a relationship with him/her because it was just comfortable. If it does, there comes a point it becomes a going through the motions type of relationship that reveals how tremendously lazy one or both people are. Ultimately, it's sad state of affairs when it's realized too late because he, she, or both simply lost interest in the challenge of wanting to answer the questions to the mysterious enigma that is love/true pertaining to their best friend for life. In the end, I say this to those who are in a significantly worthwhile relationship don't get too comfortable, challenge yourselves, and every once in while make sure to step out of the comfort zone.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Be The Light

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, ~This world of ours...must void becoming a community of dreadful fear and hate, and be instead a proud confederation of mutual trust and respect.~ Without a doubt, early Sunday morning on 12th at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida is the second deadliest attack against American citizens since 9/11. For it can most definitely be a difficult situation indeed to find the words to say when horrific tragedies such as a mass shooting occurs causing absolute emotional turmoil. True, a mixture of sad disbelief sets in to the point where it eventually turns into infuriating frustrated anger because it happened once again. It's an event so common place in the world we're living in today that's it has desensitized us to the sheer cold, heartless brutality of it all. So, the big question remains, how do we best counteract and solve the situation?

First and foremost we continue to live, laugh, and smile the best we can despite the senseless tragedy this time occurring in Orlando, FL. Essentially, the sole purpose of radical Islamic terrorism is to strike fear into the hearts of the so called infidels to where it disrupts our daily lives whereby causing each one of us as a whole to continually live in fear. Unfortunately, we as Americans our considered to be a considerably stubborn bunch and can certainly be quite defiant in a positive way when evil, hateful forces attempt to have us cower in fear. Now, pardon my English when I say ain't nobody got time for that knowing they win if we play into their hands of submitting to the fear and hate. As I said before, we continue to live, laugh, and smile the best we can proving to ISIS along with their allies they don't have the power and counteracting it with the following powerful force of our very own: faith in humanity.

If you think about it, there is a moment where having faith in humanity can certainly leave you absolutely surprised beyond belief so much so it can be quite awe inspiring to say the least. Of course, several examples of having faith in your fellow man/woman can be shared in times of tragedy such as scores of individuals lining up at blood banks as soon as a call to replenish the blood sorely needed. Ultimately, what they received was more than enough showing not just a community but people all over the world showing a unified strength in giving blood. In addition to that, reports of complete strangers opening up their homes to the families along with certain Airlines like JetBlue offering free flights to Orlando shows an overwhelming sense of loving humanity. What it primarily comes down to is proving America does have a heart that's still beating strong unlike a terrorist organization who doesn't have one whatsoever.

Let me ask you this question pertaining to the mass shooting in Orlando, why does it take a senseless tragedy to bring us all together and then a topic such as gun control tear us apart? Thinking about it, gun control is an extremely hot topic that brings up heated discussion from politicians who have hidden agendas/ulterior motives of their own. In any case, both sides have the ability to discuss and work out a reasonable strategy buy are too busy talking at/over each other to truly listen. Oftentimes, putting our faith and trust in our politicians in "doing the right thing" is a double edged sword because of how they've failed us time and time again. However, there is a possibility of a sliver of hope that the mass shooting in Orlando maybe has kicked the ass of some much needed face to face dialogue of a clear resolution focusing precisely on winning the war against Islamic Radical Terrorism. Hey, it remains to be seen.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, ~Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drove out hate; only love can do that.~ The victims within Pulse night club are/were part of the LGBT community but most of all there are/were in fact human beings like the rest of us each living a different story of life. Although, I do not agree with the lifestyle they lead I support them as human beings metaphorically standing by their side in true Christian love. Matthew 5:14 says ~Ye are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hid.~ Essentially, Orlando is the city set on a hill that as we speak cannot be hid at the moment and worldwide it is the light of the world. In the end, I encourage each one of you to be the light in some way, shape or form in order show ISIS along their allies that Orlando will continue to shine brightly in the light of love and not be swallowed up in the darkness of hateful fear.